BVetMed(hons) CertSAS DipECVS MRCVS

RCVS & ECVS recognised specialist in soft tissue surgery


I have been a member of AVSTS for most of my career as both a GP vet and specialist in soft tissue surgery. Qualifying from the RVC, London in 1994, I looked forward to the prospect of being able to make a surgical plan and ‘fixing’ or improving a patient. I worked for 13 years as a GP vet and in between times completed a surgical residency at the RVC, London. The experience of managing many cases over the years, continued learning and talking to other AVSTS members who face similar surgical dilemmas has been invaluable towards improving my understanding and skill set. I established Visiting Vet Specialists in 2014 and thoroughly enjoy my job helping out at GP practices in the north west of England. When not being a vet, I enjoy walking my dog Ladybird, nature watching and going to the theatre (the dramatic kind!).